Patch (VST Wrapper) : avoid 'C' label for mono sidechain/aux out label "<myAuxName> C"

Hi, I’ve got channel-split mono aux outputs in my plug-in, here is for instance what can be read in REAPER for the list of channels:

  • MainOut L
  • MainOut R
  • Aux 1 C
  • Aux 2 C
  • Aux 3 C
  • Aux 4 C
  • Aux 5 C
  • etc.

The " C" suffix for the mono aux makes no sense, so here is a patch to avoid to add “C” for mono buses.

VSTWrapper_monoBusNoC.diff.txt (894 Bytes)

PS: it would be awesome to allow the “.diff” file extension for the forum file uploads
PS2: is GitHub more suited for patch candidates?

Fixed on develop.

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Awesome! Thanks!