Pedal trigger chord step VST thingy


Just put my latest juce VST up on my website. Its a step-sequencer… sort of. Playback is controlled by a MIDI sustain pedal. I wrote it to provide accompaniment when playing the guitar (when obviously you don’t have any hands free!) without having to stick to a fixed rhythm or tempo. Not sure if this kind of thing exists already, but i couldn’t find anything that did what i wanted, and well… you know… its more fun to write the software you need than actually spend time looking for it :wink:

So you create chords for each step, and use your pedal to (literally) step through them. Since it’s just outputting MIDI notes you can use it to drive pattern triggering in other step sequencers. I’m sure theres a lot of room for improvement, and i’ve only tested it with Tracktion, so let me know if there’s any issues!

get it here
Hopefully someone might find it useful!