Performance drops when closing the plugin window



I have a short question; is there a reason why my performance drops when I close the plugin window in my DAW? 
I've developed a modular synth and with many modules (8 oscillators, 3 filters ,...) the plugin starts to get performance heavy. And when I close the plugin window, the ableton cpu-load indicator jumps from ~20% to 40%. The drops don't occure when I have ableton running in the background but do occure when I minimizer the ableton window. Has somebody an idea what is happening?



Hi there,

Does the performance go up momentarily when you close it and then down again, or does it stay high permanently after you closed the plugin window?

Also, which OS are you running? ...and does that happen with other DAWs as well or only Ableton?



Windows x64, ASIO and quite a fast PC in general. I only get performance issues with a few plugins...

 I've tried to get the same behaviour from reaper but i don't get serious performance issues... However, my plugin doesn't support presets yet so I had to create a similar complex patch

With Ableton, the performance issues staid as long as the plugin window or ableton was closed / minimized.  


Hi there,

OK, thanks. It doesn't seem like a problem known to us. I suspect that this must be something that happens in your plug-in, related to your specific code. Not sure how I could help your here - I can't really debug this just based on the information you posted...