performAnyPendingRepaintsNow called even windowRepaintedExpl

Hi Jules,

I’ve found one issue while debugging the MAS(digital performer) version of my plugin.
In this plugin format, you need to setup some stuff before drawing, so I’ve used windowRepaintedExplictly.

Problem is:
juce_Slider.cpp(1312) and juce_ScrollBar.cpp(402) calls performAnyPendingRepaintsNow

Those shouldn’t call this function if the peer has been set to windowRepaintedExplictly

This should explain the same kind of issue in VST or PT plugins.


Yes, very good point. Ok, I think I’ll just ditch those calls from the slider and scrollbar classes. They don’t need to be there anyway.

FWIW, I tried without on mac for testing purposes and didn’t see any difference regarding UI more snappier as stated in the comment.