Perspective texturing

Hi all,
I want to draw something like this
Is is possible to do this using JUCE?

JUCE seems to do most of my rendering tasks very well and very fast. I don’t want include entire anti-grain library, just for doing one chore.


No, I’ve never attempted to do any 3d ops, but you could use opengl, I guess.

There’s nothing magical about the operation as such. A rectangular image is interpolated to fit onto a non rectangular area, pixel by pixel. Bilinear means, that it does linear interpolation on both axises.
OpenGL will do it for you, and much much faster.

I have tried opengl and having a lots of trouble because, opengl cannot handle very large textures.

Anyways , How difficult it would be to add 3D operations(on images) to JUCE?
Any ideas or pointers?

Many Thanks,

It would be great if you could point me to some sample code or article or some other resource, on how its done.


I don’'t have anything handy, but you should be able to find something on flipcode or
But basically, you view the image file as a lookup table and use an a algo similar to a regular line drawing thing, that picks it’s colour from the image on a percentage basis.