Piano Roll Class?

I figure somebody has to have written & Git'd a stable one by now ( fun though it sometimes is to re-invent the wheel )

Not sure what the status of this project is:


If not - any best practices worth sharing?



A "piano-roll" isn't really a good candidate for a library class - it's too woolly and vague a concept.

Obviously I've written a couple of these over the years, but have no idea how it'd be possible to create a generic one that other people could use for their own purposes.

I guess that it'd be possible to create some of the smaller elements, e.g. a grid that can be toggled on/off, but that's actually the easy bit. The hard bit is creating the GUI for editing it, and the underlying data model, and all of that is stuff that'd be specific to your own app.

Thanks Jules - thought I'd check first.

Looks like I got me a Jucy component to write.


A generic grid component would however be a nice addition to the JUCE library, and could also work as a base for both piano rolls and timeline views in all sorts of audio software.