Plans for Windows RT

So Windows 8 on ARM finally has a new name: Windows RT
No official release date, but GA for all versions of Windows 8 in fall/Q4 2012 is pretty much a given.

Was wondering if you are planning on waiting till after GA before looking at a Juce port to WinRT/Metro?
Do you think the port will use C++/CX or would you go with WRL?

Details on C++/CX and WRL:

Yet another Microsoft attempt to lock developers into a new, proprietary variant of C++.

No argument here. Still it may be faster to do the WinRT port in C++/CX rather than WRL.
Users of Juce will never have to use or see C++/CX unless they are a part of the few that muck around at the platform level.

The real question is, will anybody buy a Windows 8 Tablet?