Playhead change between Juce 6 and Juce 7

Hi, in Juce 6 it was easy for us to add a custom playhead to the AudioProcessor by calling setPlayhead().

However, with Juce 7, setPlayhead() is constantly called internally in AudioProcessorPlayer::audioDeviceIOCallbackWithContext() which uses its own Playhead, negating any user Playhead that was previously provided.

What is the mechanism for providing a custom Playhead in Juce 7?


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Hi Lee,

Did you find a solution for this, or a suitable workaround? I have been struggling with getting a custom Playhead working in my standalone wrapper. I thought perhaps the ‘context’ parameter would be useful, but I can’t see how without major surgery.


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No, still waiting…

@reuk , @t0m any input on this please?

Just ran into the same problem. Check out this: