Playhead change between Juce 6 and Juce 7

Hi, in Juce 6 it was easy for us to add a custom playhead to the AudioProcessor by calling setPlayhead().

However, with Juce 7, setPlayhead() is constantly called internally in AudioProcessorPlayer::audioDeviceIOCallbackWithContext() which uses its own Playhead, negating any user Playhead that was previously provided.

What is the mechanism for providing a custom Playhead in Juce 7?


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Hi Lee,

Did you find a solution for this, or a suitable workaround? I have been struggling with getting a custom Playhead working in my standalone wrapper. I thought perhaps the ‘context’ parameter would be useful, but I can’t see how without major surgery.


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No, still waiting…

@reuk , @t0m any input on this please?

Just ran into the same problem. Check out this:

I would really like to have this working too!

Hi, @reuk, @t0m. Any chance we could have eyes on this, it’s been almost 3 months and it is slightly annoying that after paying for the Juce 7 upgrade we’ve got stuff that doesn’t work that did in 6.

I know you guys have a lot on your plate, but at least an acknowledgment that this is on your radar would be good.


I’m also interested in a fix for this before I update my Juce version, since I use my own Playhead

Gotta say I am pretty disappointed to come back to this thread after this much time, only to find more people experiencing this problem and no response from JUCE Support. This is a total showstopper of an issue for me, and is preventing progress on a much-needed update to a commercial product.


yeah, i’m pretty peeved about this also - they can’t even take 5 mins to write a response about something that has been broken for almost 6 months. I wonder what our license fee goes towards sometimes.

@t0m @jules @fr810 @reuk
guys, we’re approaching 5 months on this without a single word. I see other issues being looked at, why can’t we have a comment on when this will be addressed? thanks

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A fix for this issue is already waiting in line to be placed on develop, so early next week is quite likely.


thanks for the update.