Playing files with only 1 input channel plays static?



I record using one input channel and when I play that file back, I hear a lot of noise. If I convert that 1 channel file to 2 channels (using sox for example) it plays ok.

Does Juce need anything specific to play mono files? Is there a setting I missed? I saw a lot of code looking for _left channel and _right channel.



It should play fine - is it a wav file?


MP3 file using MADAudioFormat from


Then I guess there’s a bug in the MADAudioFormat code!


Is QuickTime SDK supposed to just work with mp3? I compiled jucedemo with that turned on and I was able to load and play mp3 so apparently it works. Are there any known issues? Do I need to set anything in my application for Quick time or will this happen all automatically (Quick time audio format will be registered for mp3 …)


Yes, I think that should work. I guess all QT installations will have an mp3 codec in there.