Please make option to clear list of recent files

Please make it possible to clear the list of recent files. I recently was forced to change my directory structure on my computer, and now Projucer still has references to the old file paths in my recent list.

This becomes a problem when I try to switch between applications on my Mac. If I have more than one Projucer project open, then I click the Projucer icon on the dock, it sometimes makes the wrong project visible. That’s not a big deal. The problem is that within the Projucer app, there is no menu option to switch to the correct project. A typical application, such as Safari will allow you to access the other browser windows by clicking the “Window” menu, which is quite logical. But Projucer’s window menu strangely does not allow you to switch between windows.

So, I figure I could just right-click on the dock icon. A typical application, such as Safari will allow you to access the other browser windows by right-clicking on the dock icon. A list of open windows appears. But the Projucer shows a list of recent files instead. And so, now I have duplicate files on that list.

Perhaps you might consider going with the standard practises for these features because I don’t see any benefit to how it is currently structured.

Sure, I’ve added an option to the “Open recent…” menu to clear all the recent files - the change will be on develop shortly.

I’ve also modified the “Window” menu to contain a list of the open windows and a close all option, but it’s worth noting that there are already commands for cycling through the windows (ctrl+tab, ctrl+shift+tab) and on Mac it’s also possible to use cmd+` to cycle through open windows of an application.

However the suggestion of adding more options to the menu that appears when right-clicking on the dock item is a bit more complex and I couldn’t find any recent documentation online for how to go about it. The clear recent files option will also clear the file items from the dock menu however so it should solve your duplicate files problem.


I’m not sure if this is a JUCE bug or a macOS bug, but the Options menu is mixed in with all the previous files. Other apps don’t seem to do this.


We definitely don’t do anything special with the dock icon menu so I think it’s a macOS issue. If you use the clear recents option that I added above then it seems to fix it but I’m not sure if that’s just temporary or not