Please may we have the JUCE help with dark background?

Sorry to ask, but it burns my eyeballs out every time I have to consult the online doc.

I think pretty much the entire dev community has been on dark-themes for a while now.

There’s solid medical research demonstrating the benefits.

Please could team JUCE dark-theme the doc?

EDIT: After discussing on #juce on TheAudioProgrammer Discord, I amend the request. Could we possibly have a dark/light toggle?

For the online version I use the Dark Reader browser addon.
And for offline (doxygen) I edited the css files, just copy them over the existing ones. (7.8 KB)


I may be the last remaining who still uses a light theme :sweat_smile: (but with low screen brightness)

Can you give some pointers?
I’m genuinely interested, because from time to time I try to switch to dark theme, and all I get is that when I look away from a screenful of code, I still see the text lines persisting in my vision, which didn’t seem healthy to me.

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Googling fraction of developers on dark light screen it seems to be ~ 70/30 for dark/light preference.

Skimming a few articles I can see it’s not so clear cut as per the science. There’s arguments both ways.

From my own experience, I get eyestrain and headaches from too-much-white-background. And it messes with my sleep-cycle. I find reading the JUCE doc physically painful, and have to turn on MidnightLizard Chrome plugin.

I’m very happy with VSCode’s default themes these days:

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Just wear sunglasses.

+1 for the sunglasses! The white background is one of the reasons why I never use the online documentation. I much prefer to read the documentation directly from the JUCE code in my IDE. I’m surprised that this is not more common because it has several other advantages: everything is neatly organised in modules and subfolders (in the online documentation everything within a module is simply lumped together) and one can quickly look under the hood and learn from how things are implemented.