Plug-in installer requires .net

Don’t know if this is related to JUCE 6 or VS 2019 or another issue, but I opened an existing ProJucer project updated the version # and saved. Opened in VS 2019 and built for 64-bit release. Used VS 2019 to create a 64-bit installer. Now (never seen before) users have to install .net 4.6.2 when running the installer. Apparently, this is not easy and I’m getting a lot of negative feedback… I don’t have 4.6.2 on my system. I don’t think JUCE requires .net 4.6.2. I do not know where the dependency is coming from. I’d like to remove it. I have no idea where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Mark

Used VS 2019 to create a 64-bit installer

This is where your issue is coming from. I’ve never used Visual Studio to create Windows installers, so I’m not sure how you’d remove the .NET dependency (or if you can remove it at all). I use Inno Setup for creating Windows installers and have been happy with it, so that may be an option if you can’t figure out how to remove the dependency in Visual Studio.

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