Plug-in With Activation Popup Window During Scanning Crashes Host (Solved)

I am using a paid plug-in (uses an iLok) which, when you initially scan for plug-ins,  pops up an activation window.  This works fine in tracktion 4, but when I use the demo VST Host code, it crashes every time.  I assume this is due to the popup being needed during scanning.  

It appears to blowup inside of findOrCreateModule in juce_VSTPluginFormat.cpp (m->open()).  More specifically in juce_win32_Threads.cpp (LoadLibrary).

Any suggestions?





I've a feeling this is your case; the Plugin Host is running with the debugger attached, which iLok doesn't allow (part of their DRM support).

Thanks for the suggestion, but still no good.

There were actually 2 issues.  The first was mentioned above (debugger attached).  The second is listed in this post:

Thanks.  Awesome forum.