plug-ins for processing audio files

I am looking for partners who will help me develop several plug-ins for processing audio files or buy existing ones.
The following sound processing programs are needed:
1 Automatic setup
2 reverberation
3 Pitch switch
4 Dynamic processing: compress

It’s not completely clear what you want? Are you searching for standard DAW plugins for the tasks you mentioned? If so, there are plenty of ready-to-use plugins available on the market, just buying some of them seems a good idea, however developing them is a different story – you should have some good reasons and some spare time for building another reverb or compressor while there are already a few hundred different ones ready to buy :smiley: Or are you looking for algorithms to integrate into some custom audio file processing application that you are building?

And what exactly do you mean by


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All plugins that can be purchased are only licensed for one computer and one user, there are no commercial licenses, I need a commercial license to install this plugin on my website or application, and give it to an unlimited number of people.
All companies that sell plugins are not allowed to do this, so I’m looking for a company that has such licenses (I haven’t found it yet) or a company that can produce these plugins.
The most basic plugin that is needed is Autotune

You could probably reach out to a plugin company’s sales department directly, as this is a special case.

Autotune is anything but basic, it is quite complex to implement and will probably be very expensive for the kind of commercial license you’re looking for.

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sounds to me like you want to make a vst plugin that is connected to a cloud service which basically runs other people’s incoming audio material though a signal chain on some server and your problem is that this would technically make the plugins be used by a lot of people rather than just you. am i right? that would be an interesting perspective on that problem indeed

From a business point of view I’d also recommend reaching out to plugin companies directly, this is no usual use-case so you will probably not find any such license mentioned on any companies website, but this doesn’t mean that they won’t sell you something like that. But it likely depends a lot on what your exact use-case looks like.

If you go an build a web service hosting e.g. VST3 instances of a certain plugin, exposing the usual plugin GUI to the user and allow the user to upload audio files and retrieve the processed files back, I’m not sure if companies are interested in having cloud hosted instances of their exact product out in the wild. On the other hand, if you want to integrate the audio processing but map controls to your custom GUI and maybe stick a “powered by xy” label on it you might find companies that are interested. However, at this point you might want more custom integration into your product which would mean to not simply host the plugin as e.g. a VST3 but find a company that will create a custom tailored library containing their intellectual property allowing you to integrate seamlessly into your application. I know for sure that there are companies out there that will offer you solutions like that, they might probably offer you a business model where you pay for an initial development effort and then maybe a share of the revenue that you earn from your application.

In any case, if you want meaningful responses on a platform like this forum you should be way more specific what kind of service you are actually planing to set up, what the technology stack will look like and be a bit more specific about the needed audio processing features.

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I am an audiostock -
Our users buy beats from us, and we want to make it possible to record vocals directly in the web interface, using only a headset connected to a computer or phone.
The recorded file will be processed on the server or cloud, and returned back to the user already processed.
It will be automatically mixed with the beat, as a result, a finished song will be obtained.
We already had an agreement with a German company, they have these plugins and licenses that fit our tasks, but we were not able to complete the deal until the end, the link to this plugin and the manufacturers - zplane Licensing - Technology

We are looking for someone who can provide the same conditions, or will be able to produce such a plugin for us

zPlane provides the industry standard in time shifting and pitch shifting algorythms. These algorythms are well developed over years. I doubt someone can build an algorythm that is as good as there’s. You could have a look at some open source projects for this e.g. soundtouch or rubberband. They provide commercial licences too. But I’m not sure how they are able to trade with a russian company.

A really good pitch correction algorithm is everything but easy and products like zplane elastique are definitely the high end here, there is a reason why many DAWs use elastique pro.