Plug-ins I build in VS are not refreshing in Ableton and Juce Host!

I’m new to Juce and i’ve create a basic gain plug-in, but when I do somes changed on it (for exemple the background color) and then I build it for test it in Ableton or the Juce Host, but when I load it doesn’t take the modifications i’ve bring when I builded it.

Here some screenshots


I change background color for test if it refresh and when i open up in Juce Host it keep the old background color (the pink background).

Help me please i’m really stuck :frowning:

You probably have to copy the plugin to the VST3 folder from the build location. I know I have to do this for some of my builds (that don’t have a build step already doing that for me).

Thanks for your quick response :slight_smile:, I have tried that but it still not working…
I don’t know if it the reason but I have a special folder for built plug-ins and I put them here and then I set the visual studio output directory to this path and also specify this in Ableton for find my plug-in or I drag n drop in JuceHost BUT… it still not reloading…

And it already worked, before I never had problems with plugins not updating, I had to change something and now it doesn’t work anymore

Is there an old copy in the standard VST3 folder that is getting seen first?

I just check it and I don’t seen any old copy of the VST3 folder.

Ok, i’ve fix it !

Curious: what was the problem?

Probably paths problems, for fix it I just recreate a new project and just no touch to the paths in visual studio and after I add some stuff in the plugin and it compiled and worked very fine.