Plugin: as what was it loaded?

Hello all,

When a plugin is loaded, is there any way to figure out as what is was loaded? I.e. if you have a multi-plutgin-client build, I want to know at runtime if it was loaded as a VST plugin or an AU plugin…

  • bram


Looking at your code this is impossible, but it would be really nice if this was possible. It would only involve setting an enum in the entry-points for each plugin type, is this something you would consider adding?

My only other option is ripping the single build (for osx) apart into 4 different builds (vst, au, aax, rtas) which would really be a pitty!

  • bram

Yeah, I’ve no objection to the idea, but don’t have time to do it myself right now… If you can send me some changes I’ll certainly take a look.

Any preference in what class we should add this?
I guess that for simply adding it to something existing AudioProcessorListener or AudioProcessor would be the easiest?
But adding it to those might be a bit… filthy?

  • bram

I’d have thought that AudioPluginInstance would be more appropriate than AudioProcessor.

Mmmm, but wouldn;t that be the case when HOSTING plugins, not when you yourself are a plugin? I.e. I’ve written a plugin and -when it gets loaded- I want to know if it was loaded as a VST/AU/RTAS/… plugin.

When the introducer creates a plugin, there is no mention of AudioPluginInstance anywhere, or am I looking in the wrong place(s)?

  • bram

Yes, sorry, I’ve been doing some hosting code this week and obviously got a bit muddled. Yes, I guess it’d need to be some kind of flag in the AudioProcessor class then.

Hey Jules,

see attached. it’s tested for RTAS and VST, not for AU/AAX/Standalone, but it’s a very simple patch…

let me know when/if you add this, or if you want me to tweak it.

  • bram

Cheers! I’ll check something in today…

By the way, if you have trouble applying this as a patch, just convert it to unix endlines first, that’ll make the patch easier. It’s because my endline settings are different from yours…

  • bram