Plugin Compatibility issues in Logic

I’ve finally been able to get my hands on a mac OS machine, and I’m testing my plugin in Logic - JUCE 7, Mac OS monterey, Logic 10.7.5.

I have an issue in logic with keystrokes not being recognised in web browser component.
after a quick test, the only letters I can type are: q,r,i,b,n,m.
I have a feeling this is because they’re assigned to shortcuts or something.

Also, I can’t resize the plugin

It’s this virtual MIDI keyboard, capturing input. Is it possible to disable this (or get higher precedence while the plugin is open)?

I think you can just close it. It typically only appears if you don’t have any other MIDI input available, then it by default opens the capslock keyboard. A while back, the behavior was different, and you could show/hide that thing with the capslock key, that’s why it’s called capslock keyboard sometimes.

In essence: it’s ok for it to grab all the keys it listens to. You can just close it. It also takes precedence over Logic itself.

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