Plugin Crash under Ableton Live when using osc


i’ve have written a vst3, that is embedded in a Max for Live device (hosted by vst~). The Vst and M4L exchange information via udp/osc
Now I have the problem with one user that Live crashes when trying to communicate via osc. What I have done so far to solve this problem:

  • firewall rules for live deleted and recreated (with all permissions granted)
  • Run Live as Administrator
  • Stop firewall temporarily

The user does not use third party virus/security. He is using Windows Defender with default settings.

I have the Ableton Crash log. The information I get from it is:

  • 0xC0000005
  • The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual adress for which it does not have the appropriate access.
  • Heap information: not available

Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be? Or maybe a tip on how I can narrow down my analysis or get more meaningful information?

I am grateful for every tip.

User setup:
Windows 10 (Build 2004)
Live 10 Suite (10.1.17)
For OSC in M4L I use CNMAT’s Externals with max udp send/receive.
For OSC in the Vst I use Juce’ OSCSender & OSCReceiver

Other users with similar configurations do not experience this problem.
I myself use windows 10 as main development machine and never experienced this problem.

Best regards

This sounds like a segfault, rather than a file/network permissions issue. This kind of error might be caused by reading past the end of a vector, or dereferencing a dangling pointer, for example. Normally on macOS or Linux I’d use the Address Sanitizer to track down issues like this. As of recently, Windows also has ASan support but it’s a bit more limited than on mac/Linux.

Through my research today, I found out that this is a very generic error message. Even if I intentionally crash my plugin, I always get this message.

Thanks for the tipp on ASan. I’ll check that out.

The thing is, the plugin loads fine. The user can access the ui and do other things. But, as soon as osc communication takes place, it craches. That behaviour made me think, i might relate to security/permission/network/etc. But of course, I could be wrong. I simply don’t know.

Hi , I think I’ve a similar problem, I’ve a VST3 plugin that works on Reaper , JucePluginHost & Bitwig, what this plugin does is establish a websocket connection, with beast cpp library, in order to receive remote messages that are added to the midiMessages buffer.

I’ve debugged this and I’ve noted that the ableton crash is happening when I try to establish the connection to the server. The server did not receive any requests from the client and in my client I’m receiving an exception just before the crash with a generic error: end of file EOF, I’m still clueless but my guess here is that somehow Ableton Live is blocking or canceling requests, so I’ve get to the same conclusion as you, but of course I could be wrong too. I hope my findings could give some light to your problem