Plugin custom scanner fails on open recent paths

Hi, I don’t understand how yo fix this:

I created a plugin list component, when I press “scan for…” program crashes in file juce_CharPointer_UTF8 at line 149

juce_wchar getAndAdvance() noexcept
        auto byte = (signed char) *data++; //this one


Debugging a bit I notice that here filesOrIdentifiersToScan is empty:

void PluginListComponent::scanFor (AudioPluginFormat& format, const StringArray& filesOrIdentifiersToScan)
    currentScanner.reset (new Scanner (*this, format, filesOrIdentifiersToScan, propertiesToUse, allowAsync, numThreads,
                                       dialogTitle.isNotEmpty() ? dialogTitle : TRANS("Scanning for plug-ins..."),
                                       dialogText.isNotEmpty()  ? dialogText  : TRANS("Searching for all possible plug-in files...")));

So… the first time I run my program It shows me the directory to scan on pressing “scan for”, someone knows or have some ideas on what’s happen here and what I shoud do?