Plugin description


is there a way to get the plugin description of a plugin without actually creating an instance ?

I use this code to get a pluginDescription :

and it seems the line 488 creates an instance of the plugin to get the plugin description, because when it’s executed some plugin specifics windows could spawn (like elicencer windows).

Plugins could crash or take a while to be opened, and I prefer not to open them if possible.

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The problem is, that several informations needed are implemented as callbacks in the API.
There is wantsMidi() or producesMidi(), the negotiation of numInutChannels and numOutputChannels.
In order to evaluate the callbacks, you need to create an instance.

I think this limitation comes from the underlying APIs, not from JUCE, but I haven’t checked that.

Thank you for your answer,

When I take a look in the plugin list files of FL Studio, Reaper, or Studio One, it seems they dont store runtime data. So maybe it’s only Juce. ^^

I wouldn’t be so sure about Reaper, for example. Here’s a line from their vst info .ini-file :

GRM_Spaces3D.dll=00B93D2120BAD401,1198674739,GRM Spaces3D (Ina-GRM) (64ch)

Those hex and decimal numbers may well be storing information that was obtained from the plugins by first loading them. Also the 64ch in the end implies the plugin was loaded to get the information, the number of channels the plugin supports can’t be obtained otherwise.

Xenakios : My bad. I missed that. So it depends of the DAW…