Plugin editor size too large due to OS display scale preferences

Hello all,

I am developing a resizeable plugin, but am running into this problem:

If my MacOS system display preferences are set to be scaled above the default scale, when I open my plugin in Ableton, the default plugin window will be too large and partly outside the viewable area of my screen.

Does anyone know how to prevent this problem? Can I force my plugin window size to never be larger than what would fit on the display? Maybe I can query the OS scaling preference?

Thanks for any help!

More Details

VST3 and Audio Unit formats behave slightly different for me in this scenario. For Audio Unit, the plugin window will extend past the borders of my display. For VST3, the plugin window is prevented from being larger than the display, but the internal contents of the plugin are scaled past the plugin window borders.

Here’s a screenshot of the problematic MacOS display preferences:

OS: macOS 12.2.1
Ableton Live: 11.1.1
JUCE 6.1.6

I’ve not dealt with this with scaling on but had similar issues with users moving from large to smaller monitors & having the UI scale saved, you can’t access the corner to resize.

Not sure if it solves it for you but when my editor constructs I check the monitor size, if the size is larger I scale the window down to an appropriate size

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Ah nice, checking monitor size sounds promising, thank you.
Looks like juce::Displays has this functionality: