Plugin for IntroJucer-generated projects in Netbeans

It’s difficult to find a smooth IDE for JUCE development on android, so since I use Netbeans for my day-job
I decided to give the NBAndroid plugin a go. While it is great for normal SDK development,
it doesn’t handle editing JUCE NDK/C++ stuff at all - specifically you can open projects generated by IntroJucer no problem,
but theres no way to display and edit the C++ stuff as part of the project. All you get is the java wrapper code, which is useless.

So I wrote a tiny Netbeans plugin that parses the particular folder hierarchy generated by IntroJucer, and adds the native code files to the NBAndroid project.
To use, just open the Android subdir created by IntroJucer as a Netbeans project. You can leave IntroJucer open and as you add files, they will appear in the project view.

Download it here: JuceAndroid (Only tested on Netbeans 7.3 beta, sorry).

You’ll need the latest NBAndroid from, and C/C++ support installed in Netbeans before you install this.
Code completion is non-working for me ( it is stil a java project after all), but you may have luck compiling manually first with certain debug flags set: see, specifically the section “Configuring Code Assistance When You Cannot Build the Project”.

Hope someone finds it useful.

Edit: Code completion on C++ files seems to work fine after all. Oh goody!
Cheers, Colin

Nice work! :smiley: