Plugin Framework on Mac


I’m currently trying the plugin framwork to see if it can fit our plugin developement, and I’ve got some problems.

I’m running OSX 10.3.9, and I only have a demo of Live 4 to test the VST plugin for the moment.

I first tried to compile the plugin example.
When opening the gui plugin while live is playing, it totally freeze the Live interface, and I just can kill Live.

I then tried the demo of PPMulator.
This plugin does not totally freeze Live, but Live does not receive any event while the PPMulator gui is open.

Is it a known problem ?
Thanks in advance,


I’ve got some fixes to release for the vst wrapper that will sort out a lot of event-based problems, so will do a new version soon. Didn’t know about the live issue, but I’ll certainly get on the case and anything I fix for PPMulator will also be in the wrapper framework…