Plugin Initial Template / Start


I have been learning JUCE because I want to create a compressor idea.

After many hours, I was able to built a basic working prototype. It shows some sliders and a wave viewer for the audio signal. And most importantly the audio processing works.

Now, I was not able to integrate the ValueTree to save/load states. So I decided to start from the tutorial as a template but in there the controls are managed by ValueTree and it seems that it only offers a few controls, and the wave viewer is not available.

At some point, I Will need to use images for good looking controls, but I have no idea yet how to do this. It seems that an easier way to design interfaces is missing, I am still looking for alternatives.

Maybe a more complete initial template would better help novices like me. I am not sure. Just releasing some frustration of not being able to advance as expected.


Have you tried Plugin GUI Magic by @daniel ? It certainly fits the bill in terms of an easy to use design interface.

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Thank you Rory, well I checked the usage video an it did not seem friendly for me, installation was over line of command with some quirks. I will check on actual usage though.