Plugin name that contains a period?

I’m using JUCE 5.3.2 currently for some plugins we’re updating from old pre-JUCE versions.

We had made the new builds remove the version from the name (e.g., “Cool Effect” instead of “Cool Effect 1.1” like it used to be. BUT… we had an even OLDER version (1.0), which we want to allow users to keep using, whose name was simply “Cool Effect”, and that means installing the new version would overwrite their original (1.0) version, and we want them to be able to use both at the same time, and only replace the 1.1 version (and change its name to remove the “1.1”.

So… I set the Binary Name in the exporters to be “Cool Effect 1.2”. That works for everything except AAX, though. For AAX, the build fails because the code that generates the library name for linking sees the “.2” as an extension, and drops it, leaving only “Cool Effect 1”, which it then fails to find, and so the build fails.

Is there any way to include a period in the binary name? (I hate using version numbers in plugin names, but we have to name the new version something other than just “Cool Effect”, and we’re not sure what else would work well here.

Ah, good old AAX, always ready to throw a monkey wrench in our best laid plans…

I don’t know a way around including a period in the binary name, but since this sounds like it’s a “special case” versioning (i.e. it’s not that you want to include a version number in every build), what if you just rename it to “Cool Effect - Vintage”, and call it good?

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Yeah, that’s basically what we’ll do, I guess. Less trouble.