Plugin not visible in bitwig [Need help troubleshooting]


When I create a new plugin it works fine, I can see it and load it in Bitwig. But I have an existing project that isn’t seen by bitwig. It makes the .so file in the VST3 folder but I can’t see it or load it in Bitwig. I have run make clean and rebuilt the project but it doesn’t make a difference.

What could be the problem?

Throwing out a few ideas:

  • is there a space in the plugin name or path?
  • do the two plugins have the same characteristics? (is a Synth, MIDI input, MIDI output, channel configuration, etc.)
  • are the two plugins using the same VST3 categories?

No spaces, plugin is a synth, MIDI input, channel configuration is default. It’s the same I think

I had -fsanitize=address enabled rebuilding now let’s hope it’s fixed

EDIT: That was the problem

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