Plugin Parameter Maker - a project idea

Guys, I was thinking on creating a small tool for JUCE Plugins. A parameter maker that would allow you to edit a GUI and add parameters to the screen and output it as JUCE code that you can tweak. I would make this donation-ware and open-source, so I need to know if anyone would like such tool and would be willing to donate something to the cause. :wink:

I kinda already did this on my latest Wusik ZR project, but it needs work to make it public, as it’s just pure code. The idea is to have an application that would allow to add backgrounds, knobs, buttons, everything using images like I did on Wusik ZR and also doing on Wusik DLooper.

Check the site:

And check the Wusik ZR project. I use images for everything, and even allow resizing on some aspects like in Wusik ZR the background uses pink lines to determinate how the background can be resized. Check the skin files for details.

So the idea is: you have an application. You add SECTIONS. Each has a background and the parameters it uses. a public float values[xxx] will hold all parameters for quick access. And the parameters objects will point to that. I did this on Wusik ZR and works great, so I have quick access to all parameters values. Specially for stuff that are sample-by-sample based. Also, I could create groups for stuff like Envelopes, when you have AMP/FILTER/PITCH envelopes but wants the GUI to show ONE at a time. Just like I did on Wusik ZR.

Cheers, WilliamK