Plugin Template with custom project

i am developing a plugin and want to use TDD (more specifically, Catch) to test the application with Visual Studio.
Now as Unit testing in C++ just means compiling an executable and running it, this would qualify for a console application. However using the Plugin-Template only one project for the shared code and one additional project per plugin-type is created. Therefore i am lacking the ability to create this testing project that also links against the shared code.

My workaround would be to create a seperate console project that performs the tests. However this does not integrate very well, as i’d have to work with two instances of visual studio which is very cumbersome.

Is there any better way to do this? If not, are there plans to be able to create such custom project configurations in the projucer?

Thanks a lot,

That’s something that we have considered, but unfortunately it’s less urgent than a lot of other stuff we want to do.

If you create a post in the Feature Requests category and it collects a decent number of votes then that would increase its priority.

i will do that!

In the meantime, what would you suggest how to set up this environment?
At the moment, as the plugin-project and the test-projects are completely separated, i need two instances of Projucer opened, as well as two instances of Visual Studio.
Navigating is hard, it is very error prone. I’ve wrote a small python script that at least exports, builds and runs the tests, but still it is exhausting to add new classes and tests.

What would you suggest in this situation?

Thanks, Stephan