Plugin windows somehow causing problem on app shutdown

I just updated from osx lion 10.7.5 to mavericks 10.9.3, and also updated from xcode 4.5.1 to 5.1.1 and I've noticed a strange issue that seems to be related to xcode...When my juce project is compiled using xcode 5.1.1 my plugin host application will crash when shutdown with an EXC_BAD_ACCESS problem if I don't manually close any open plugin windows before shutdown. It's seems to be a pool release problem.

But when the same project is compiled with xcode 4.5.1 there is no problem at all. There is definitely some difference in the xcode output because when I use the audio host as compiled with the old version of xcode it can't load the juce plugins I've written unless they too are compiled with the old xcode.

So, using new xcode to compile the host and the plugins results in the host finding and being able to use my custom plugins but there's a crash on shutdown. When using the old xcode to compile the host I don't have the shutdown crash but it can't find my custom plugins unless they too are compiled with the old xcode. In both cases the introjucer projects are unchanged.

Also note that I've tried closing the plugin windows programatically then running the event loop for up to 3 seconds, and then deleting the plugins and again running the event loop for up to three doesn't help at all. If I don't close the windows manually then I see the crash on shutdown on the xcode 5.1.1 compiled version...

I'm compiling against juce 3.0.4 libraries,
The introjucer project is set to 'Use Default' for base sdk version, compatability version and architecture, same for c++ library.

Anybody have any suggestions as to why the different xcode versions result in such distinctly different behavior?





I just posted about this yesterday: