PluginHostType missing

I'm trying to use PluginHostType and both XCode and Visual are telling me that "identifier PluginHostType is undefined". In Introjucer I have the latest modules (2.1.6) installed, including juce_audio_plugin_client, which is where the PluginHostType.h is installed. The plugin is working well in VST and AU on Windows and Mac, but for some reason I can't use this class. 

In my Synthesiser object's handleMidiEvent() method I'm trying to use it like this:

PluginHostType host;

if (host.isFruityLoops())
    // do some stuff

Am I calling it incorrectly?


That's odd: the class's header didn't seem to be getting included by the module's header file.. Not sure why that was the case, but I've fixed it now!