pluginNeedsRescanning error

Hi everyone. New to JUCE and trying to build demos. I’m coming across this error in xcode when trying to compile the vst host demo.

juce_AudioPluginFormat.h:81:18: Unimplemented pure virtual method ‘pluginNeedsRescanning’ in ‘InternalPluginFormat’

Noticed that this was added yesterday. Could someone show me the way to getting the demo up and running?

Much thanks,

I should clarify that this is the “audio plugin host” demo

Sorry, I hadn’t checked the demo project since I made those changes. Thanks for the heads-up, it’s fixed now!

No apology necessary. Thanks for fixing it so promptly. I wish I had the competency to fix it myself and send you a pull request but I’m not quite there yet. Soon I hope - need to brush up on xcode and c++ as its been years.