Pluginval and JucePlugin_PreferredChannelConfigurations

Hi everybody,

My first message on the forum, thank you to everybody, this forum really helps !

My question is about JucePlugin_PreferredChannelConfigurations

which I set to :

Auval runs fine with it, but I have a fail with pluginVal :

Starting test: pluginval / Restoring default layout...
!!! Test 1 failed: Unable to restore default layout
Main bus num input channels: 1
Main bus num output channels: 1

Time taken to run test: 9 ms
FAILED!!  1 test failed, out of a total of 1

I searched across the forum, and I could not find, does someone can tell me where to look out to get rid of this fail ?

Thanks a lot


Thanks for reporting this issue. I’ve pushed a fix here: