PNG doesn't show up after commit in Release build

After this commit;a=commit;h=9ba2079603c35f316408b10f29745097f748ff2f

one of my PNGs doesn’t get painted in release build anymore.
I send you an example png to your email (can’t make it public).

Yes, send me a copy and I’ll take a look. The new PNG lib might be fussier about errors in files.

yes, but its get painted in debug build, so may an odd bug in the lib…

Well, I built a release build of the introjucer, and that opens the png with no problem. Must be something in your own code?

The problem was that an exception was thrown (before the “Made PNG loader ignore warnings” commit), and was ignored while debugging (also when you start the release build from ide), because in the initial introjucer project is to ignore all exceptions “VS (Debug-> Exceptions) are unchecked”.
Curiously i had this PNG-Lib warning only with a certain project, and only with original unrenamed file (which is a 1:1 binary copy i send to you.)
When you running the release build without IDE, the exception is also catched right away, so you have no chance to see whats the issue.