Polyphonic Sound Recognition for iPhone piano app

I am a co founder for a music education app startup based in Sydney Australia.

We are a team of 4 that has built the MVP which has recently been released on the Appstore for IOS devices.

The app is currently instrument agnostic which allows the user to play and learn on the go, we are now looking at implementing sound recognition into our app which will allow the the user to play with their instrument the piano without the use of any wires or cables being connected to the devise.

We are looking for someone that is an experienced software engineer thats highly experience in audio engineering, and who is fluent with C# and preferably Unity.

I have attached an example of another app that has successfully implemented sound recognition.

We would love to hear from you as this has the potential to be on going work for the right candidate

feel free to get in contact with us admin@musoplayon.com


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