Pop-up window from button press

Hi guys! I have some non super-important parameters (sliders and toggles) in my plugin that I would like to have in a hidden window that can be accessed by pressing a button on the main plugin UI. The window can later be closed/hid again by pressing another button, so that the main UI is not too crammed.

How would you implement something similar? I tried to check a bit the documentation but everything graphical is very new to me, so I haven’t figured out a solution.

Ideally the window would appear with a transition, but one thing at the time :slight_smile:

To be even more clear, I’m looking for something like what is shown here (Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer Walkthrough – Softube - YouTube) at 0:44, without the shift of the main UI.

Try a CallOutBox.



I’ll try that. Thank you!

Just a regular component?
Just add it as a child to your editor, but not with the addAndMakeVisible shortcut.
Controlling its visibility should be easy, as long as you first use toFront ().

Trying that too, thanks! I’m just now wrapping my head around the graphics stuff, so nothing is easy :smiley:

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