Pop-up window problems

I've got a bunch of possibly related problems showing up on some users' OSX systems (but not mine :():

  • Tooltips appearing on the wrong screen in a dual monitor setup. 
  • Pop-up menus flashing, and behaving as if they are uncertain about the mouse location
  • Tooltips smearing when the mouse is moved.

Anyone else seen these problems?  It's a bit tricky to debug...

Here's the tooltip problem: 

Are you sure that you don't have more than one TooltipWindow being created?

I remeber I had that problem as well. I don't remeber it exactly but it had something to do with multiple instances of the TooltipWindow as lalala suggests. This is what documentation says:


Note that if you instantiate more than one instance of this class, you'll end up with multiple tooltips being shown!

Absolutely right.  Worth at least two beers that ;-)

I'd buggered something up integrating some newer code with an old bit of work.