Pops with fast attacks


While finalizing an update of our synth, I have been facing some pops in some MIDI clips. They seem to happen when there’s a sharp attack after a slow piece. You’ll probably guess I’m not an expert in the physics of sound, so I would appreciate any feedback on how to tackle such situations.

I can imagine, adding a longer attack time would help, but how much should be added, and would this solve any such situations? Or should I add some process (I imagine on the mixed output) that detects such peaks and fades them? Is that even possible? Or desirable?

I’m attaching here one part that is popping, along with a zoomed view that shows the sine to be continuous.

Thanks for your assistance.



Pop Zoom

I think we’d need to have more information on how your synth is structured and maybe then we could look at specific code that might be at fault. Usually 5-20ms fades are enough to avoid pops, but it really depends how you’re implementing it.

Thanks for the feedback. Delving deeper into the issue, it seems the pop is mainly due to the irregular peak right before the attack. This seems to be caused by some mixing at non zero-crossing, so I need to look into that.

The attack still needs a slightly longer fade, but as you say, even 5-10 ms should be fine.

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