PopupMenu->addCustomItem() Con

Hey there,
i updated to juce 6.0.1 and now i have an issue which i don’t understand.

std::unique_ptr<PopupMenu> myPopupMenu{new PopupMenu()};
std::unique_ptr<MenuImageComponent> test (new MenuImageComponent());

myPopupMenu->addCustomItem(1, test);

This is my MenuImageComponent class.

class MenuImageComponent :	public juce::PopupMenu::CustomComponent
	void paint(Graphics &g)override;
	void getIdealSize(int& idealWidth, int& idealHeight)override;
	void SetImage(Image newImage);
	void mouseEnter(const MouseEvent &event)override;
	void mouseExit(const MouseEvent &event)override;
	Image myImage;
	bool mouseIn;

That’s my errorcode:

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error (active) E0304 No instance of overloaded function “juce::PopupMenu::addCustomItem” matches the argument list.

Could someone please tell me what’s my issue?

myPopupMenu->addCustomItem(1, std::move(test));

i knew it was a stupid mistake … thanks!