PopupMenu request


Could you add minimumNumColums and eventually maximumWidth arguments to PopupMenu::show()?

For now there’s no simple way to control the aspect ratio of multi-columns menus and the current layout algorithm chooses the smallest number of colums that allow items to fit on screen.

Alternatively we could have a maximumColumnHeight.

What do you think?

Yes, it should certainly have some more control in there. I’ll have a think about it soon…


Has this been fixed?

If not, PLEASE, PLEASE fix this soon. I have tried every thing i can to get get 4 columns of 32 items. A common thing in music apps is 128 items. Most of us want to see it as 4 columns of 32 items.

This thread is exactly 2 years old - I can’t remember if I fixed it or not! Didn’t I add something to do this with the new PopupMenu::Options class?

Not that I can find. The closest parameter is withMinimumWidth but that doesn’t do it.

Still no way to do it. There’s a maximum number of columns, but no fixed number of columns. I’m going to go the custom component route, but thought I’d bump for visibility.