PopupMenu subMenu canBeTriggered?

Just wondering if it’d be possible/desirable to have a PopupMenu submenu be able to trigger a result?

Right now a submenu can’t perform any action(either command or resultId), as an option it might be nice to allow this?

It kind of goes along with the preset discussion in another thread. I’d like to be able to display a nested folder structure in a popupmenu(just the folders) and allow the user to choose one of these. (it’d be a pretty small folder structure).

Don’t know… It could be done, but seems a bit counter-intuitive to me. Mainly because I don’t see how you’d make it clear to the users that they could click on the submenu?

I concede its a pretty edge case, I suppose if I had a small folder icon in the submenu and in any of its items(also folders) that might be enough…

Do you want me to tackle hacking it and sending it to you? Something like…

void addSubMenuItem (int itemResultId,
                  const String& itemText,
const PopupMenu& subMenu,
                  bool isEnabled = true,
                  bool isTicked = false,
                  const Image& iconToUse = Image::null);

Well… ok… If you do want to have a go, just do your best to find a solution that avoids bloating that already-bloated class!