Why isn’t there a PopupMenuAttachment to attach to an AudioParameterChoice parameter ???

I’m guessing it’s a lifetime issue… but how do y’all attach a menu to an AudioParameterChoice parameter?


I do it this way in my GUI engine PluginGuiMagic:

It’s just adding all options using getAllValuesAsString()…

I’m happy to learn if there are better methods.


Yeah, I’ve already started doing my own version of that using my ParameterReferences class… I guess I expected something built in :slight_smile:



Indeed, the code I wrote is so generic (and probably all solutions will look pretty similar), so it could easily find a place in the API… Maybe not as Attachment but just as helper function (IMHO), since the popup menu doesn’t need to be owned anywhere.

Maybe there will be something (or already is that I missed…)