Portable font strategy?

Hi all,

I’d like to make my juce app attractive, with a nice default font, different from the standard one.

It’s no biggy to find something nice, although how can i guarantee it will exist and be identical on all platforms ? (eg win, lin and mac) ?

Is there subset of fonts available that exist on all platforms ?

or, can i use the binary builder somehow to include a font file into my app to use to render text ?


You can indeed shove one in the binary - I’ve just been rewriting all the font stuff, so if you’re on the tip, you need to have a look at CustomTypeface.

where can i get the amalgamated tip ?


I always keep it up-to-date, so just get the tip and it’s there…


another quick question,
is it possible to draw non-antialiased text ?

eg for very small text like 8 or 9 point, it’s much clearer to read when it’s aliased…



Aggh… please search the forum for endless, tedious arguments about anti-aliasing! (But please don’t revive any of the discussions, I really haven’t the strength to go through it all over again…)