Do anyone know of any open source or paid code for a good Portamento/Legato analog sounding glide, using samples (not wavetables).

Has anyone achieved this?


You could maybe ask in some of the Kontakt forums.
For example here:

I think someone there should be able to help you out. Becuase a lot of Kontakt instruments have legato scripts.


Thanks man…


Do you know how to convert Kontakt Scipts to C++?


You could try this… http://lua-users.org/wiki/LuaToCee



@Rail_Jon_Rogut That link didn’t work.


No, sorry. Unfortunately I don’t know how to convert Kontakt scripts to C++.


Try using a desktop browser




I thought Kontakt scripts were written in their own proprietary language, not LUA.


Perhaps I’m confusing UVI and Kontakt



My devs were able to pull it off…Thanks guys for the help.