Porting Linux console app to Windows GUI with Juce



I am trying to port a linux console application to Windows GUI and use Juce. I have been struggling with how to get the GNU build system to work in an IDE like Code::Blocks or VC++ Express, so that Juce can be easily integrated with this application.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Surely this has been done before and there is an easier way.

We already have the ./configure script and Makefile working to properly compile the application in Windows with MinGW. We just have to integrate in the Juce application classes into the build system.

I was thinking that MinGW with GCC was the way to go with this, but I was open to using Code::Blocks or even VC++ (if there was a way to port the code so that it works with VC++). But really the question is what is the best toolset to build the project, given that I am likely stuck with using GNU GCC?