Porting to Sylable: dependencies problems!

Just quoting from this 3ad @ Syllable forum:

[quote]Juce is apparently a good development tool.But for now, I do not think it is possible for Syllable. If you look Builds/Linux/ Makefile in sources, libX11, libGL, libGLU, etc … are needed. :?

I think we can get X11 under Syllable by compiling libX11 to avoid the heavy Xorg. But many dependencies are required.[/quote]

Revamping the 3ad:

[quote=“Kaj”]Porting X to Syllable is a hard and huge project. Compiling libX11 is not enough.

However, JUCE is a cross-platform subsystem. The right way to port it to Syllable would be to port it directly, without X inbetween.[/quote]