Possible automation crash?

Hey guys,

I have been integrating automatable parameters to my audio plugin recently. However, rarely, the plugin crashes with this error message in Windows:

"A serious program error has occured.
This application will shut down after this message box is closed.


Since there was no such error before, I suppose it is related to the automation part. I cannot generate the error that often, so haven’t still find the problem behind this yet. Has anyone encountered a similar error before? I would appreciate if someone suggests what might be the issue causing it. I have tested the plugin on 32/64 bit hosts (Live, Reaper, Logic etc.) in OSX both VST and AU, and didn’t get any related errors so far. I suspect it might be a Windows specific problem.

Found the issue, my bad. It wasn’t related to automation at all. It was a synchronization problem when the application deletes some shared data in the editor and trying to access in processBlock concurrently which results an invalid memory access and crashes. Thanks anyway, no one seems to came across this kind of error though. Sorry for that. :slight_smile: