Possible issue in VST3PluginWindow


I am experiencing an issue when I am loading several plugins with their windows hidden and display one at a time by “setVisible(true/false)”, the issue is in case the user didn’t display one of the plugins and try to delete it, it will call “view->removed()” from “~VST3PluginWindow()” while it wasn’t attached by “VST3PluginWindow::attachPluginWindow()”.

Is it valid to call “removed” without a prior call to “attached” and the plugin should know how to handle it? or its a bug in VST3PluginWindow?

I think both are true: JUCE probably shouldn’t call removed unless a previous call to attached succeeded. I’ll make that change in JUCE. At the same time, a robust plugin should try to do something sensible when removed is called without a previous attached call.

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The issue should be fixed here:

Please try out this change and let us know if you run into any further problems.

Just updated to 6.1.6 and it works well now.

Thanks reuk.