Post JuceQuake Ideas (NaCl/Html5/Clr)


Juce, awesome initiative with the jucequake!

Now everything is nicely chopped into modules, it is probably getting easier to write a §NaCl backend, implementing a few core modules with Pepper?

Also did anybody think of the viability of a HTML5 canvas backend?

I personally would love to see juce core compilling with c++/CLR/Pure. That would make juce execute in mono (including mono for iOS and Android) and interoperate directly with managed languages :slight_smile:


Sodium Chloride, i.e. table salt !?!?


Oh… sorry man. I realize it is a bit unclear.

NaCl refers to Googles Native Client - the new taste of salt :slight_smile:


I’ve had my eye on NaCl, and think it’s a really interesting technology for C++, I’m definitely into the whole idea behind it. A html canvas backend is also interesting, but I’d need to do some more research to figure out how what could be done there.

This is exactly the reason why I’m pushing ahead with the “jucequake” stuff - there are just far too many cool possibiliies for me to be able to implement them all myself! Hopefully it’ll be possible for some of these things to be implemented as self-contained modules.