PostEvent deprecated

In juce_VSTPluginFormat.cpp

can you change it to:

        void handleMouseDown (int x, int y) override
            if (! alreadyInside)
                alreadyInside = true;
                getTopLevelComponent()->toFront (true);
                owner.dispatch (effEditMouse, x, y, 0, 0);
                alreadyInside = false;
                 *  PostEvent()   *** DEPRECATED ***
                 *  Deprecated:
                 *    Use PostEventToQueue or CGEventPost instead.  

                // PostEvent (::mouseDown, 0);
                CGEventRef theEvent = CGEventCreate( NULL );
                CGEventSetType( theEvent, kCGEventLeftMouseDown );
                CGEventPost( kCGSessionEventTap, theEvent );
                CFRelease( theEvent );

to get rid of the warning?



I’ve no idea if that would work or not, TBH!

The deprecation warnings are annoying, but since supporting old Carbon VSTs will always involve linking to those old Carbon libraries, I don’t really think there’s much to be gained by trying to avoid the warnings. At some point we’ll have to flick the switch and turn off JUCE_SUPPORT_CARBON, and then all of this won’t matter any more.

@Rail — thanks for providing an alternative. While I understand that Carbon support will go away eventually, “eventually” may be a very long time and until that happens I’d still rather be able to build completely warning-free so that ANY warning implies an issue to be addressed.