Potentially missing noexcept specifiers in ValueTree

The list will definitely need to be double-checked so as to not wreak havoc, but I think these methods from ValueTree could be marked noexcept: 

  • bool ValueTree::isValid() const
  • Identifier ValueTree::getType() const
  • bool ValueTree::hasType (const Identifier& typeName) const
  • bool ValueTree::hasProperty (const Identifier& name) const
  • int ValueTree::getNumProperties() const
  • Identifier ValueTree::getPropertyName (const int index) const
  • int ValueTree::getNumChildren() const
  • ValueTree ValueTree::getChild (int index) const //Note  the static_cast<SharedObject*> (nullptr) in there - just a tad odd
  • int ValueTree::indexOf (const ValueTree& child) const